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Keeping it Real.

You can take charge of your body and I will be there to help.

Meet Laurie

Holistic Health Coach

I know and love all things food. I believe food is medicine and getting micro-nutrition is key.  I feel food is about what to eat, to get maximum nutrition and with this concept, is for ever-BODY.  I believe the body just wants to do good by us.  Good food health comes from moving everyday, eating delicious whole clean food. These changes can help in making a lifestyle change.

I’ve been a student of Ayurveda for 20 years.  I became a chef, massage therapist and with all that, a wellness coach.  My services are not a one size fits all approach. You can take charge of your body and I will be there to help.  I help create personal menus, recipes and shopping lists to help stock pantries, weekly updates, telephone calls, and Zoom meet-ups.


What People Say...

Have you ever met someone that truly makes you feel deeply seen? They are so in tune with themselves and the Natural World that they are able to see beyond the physical?


Laurie Alessandra is this person. She is the kind of person and professional that is able to provide you with specific tools to set you up for Health success and healing while also reminding you of the power of human connection and care. 


I sought out Laurie's services to regain balance with my hormones as I had just experienced a miscarriage and I am at an age where my body is changing and it felt like I needed to support it differently than I had always done. Laurie provided a system to follow that would allow me to identify what no longer works for my system and the steps to heal and boost my body's ability to support itself moving forward. 


Beyond the physical aspect of improved health that I gained from Laurie's expertise and knowledge, she showed up for me in a way that I felt truly seen and cared for. Her life experience and the type of soul she is creates an experience that not only inspires you to do better for yourself and your body, but you'll also realize that you are deeply worthy of this love...for she is a reflection of your greatness.


I highly recommend Laurie to any person looking to heal and improve their health on all levels.

- Asyah Jeavons
Intuitive Soul Guide

I have had the good fortune to work with Laurie on and off for many years. She always meets you where you are with an open heart and no judgement. I have struggled with food addiction and her mantra is always “no guilt, no blame, no shame.”


She takes everything into account. Even remembering that you are visiting your mother and will call with a reminder that you are enough. 


I can’t recommend her enough. She is an amazing chef, massage therapist and mentor. Good health is her passion and she brings that passion to the table along with my personal fav fried green tomatoes with chickpea flour!

- Sally Adams

Laurie Alessandra is an experienced integrative healing Practitioner and a rare find.  She is full of heart, wit, and wisdom. Laurie brings over 25 years of experience of Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, Somatic healing body work, and many  other holistic traditions to her work. She is conscious of you as an individual and works collaboratively with you as a whole being. She is not limited by just symptoms and these are the reasons I  I have chosen to work with her.  She is helping me to heal from the inside out while I am in menopause and experiencing adrenal fatigue.  It helps me to go a few steps at a time on my journey of healing my gut microbiome, reducing inflammation, increasing hydration with electrolytes, deepening sleep, and undoing insulin resistance.  I highly recommend this intuitive and heart-wise Practitioner.

- Karen B.



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